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Hey team. I love thinking and talking about strategic innovation.

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At Sparkgeo, this is all we have ever done: have ideas, present them to interested parties, and build technology. In this newsletter, we talk about strategy, especially for geospatial technology. This discussion will follow these guidelines:


I will try to avoid acronyms at all costs. This might mean I use different words from what you are used to for describing concepts. Occasionally, I will refer to something as the acronym if it is commonly used this will ensure you, the reader, know what I am talking about.


Few of these tools are mine. I have adapted some to meet my own needs, but I certainly stand on the shoulders of numerous strategic, business, and philosophical giants. Wherever possible, I have provided references for proper attribution or further study. If I miss one, ping me and I will update appropriately.


These tools are just ways of carving up your business landscape. I made the common mistake of dismissing many of these tools as irrelevant because they weren’t very quantitative. However, that is actually their power. These tools help you tell a story about your business. Once you understand a pathway, you can jump into some deeper analysis, but these tools just help you think through the complexity of a modern technology environment.


I will be presenting these tools in bite-sized chunks. I want to stimulate discussion, not write a definitive work. I will try to add nuance where I think it makes sense. But you are not signing up for a book, but instead an email. I want this to be an opportunity to challenge yourself into thinking strategically every week or so. Hopefully, this will be a chance to step out of the everyday tactics of work into something a bit broader.


I bring two decades of geospatial industry experience. One of those decades has been as a freelancer, evolving into an entrepreneur. I’ve seen a lot of geospatial, either first or secondhand. If possible, I will throw in some colour from across my geospatial network.

Learner. Being curious, I am constantly learning. With a formal education in electronic engineering and remote sensing. I augmented my technical education with a diploma from Oxford in Strategy and Innovation. 

Leader. I founded Sparkgeo in 2010 to put maps on the internet. Since then, I have hand-picked my team, and we have been working with some of the biggest brands in technology and pivotal geospatial institutions. Our team is excited to work with numerous markets and verticals, giving us an uncanny knowledge of the broad use of geospatial technology today. Sparkgeo operates from 2 continents and serves a global technology market. Creating technology to: 

  1. Bring the power of geography into the hands of non-expert users

  2. To raise the expectations of computing for modern enterprises 

  3. Unlock the value of the flood of pixels captured from low earth orbit

Advisor & Fellow. I am happy to help, but limited by time! I advise Cultivation Capital’s Geospatial venture fund and try to help as many startups as possible with industry and market knowledge. More broadly, I support enterprise companies and financial institutions on the uses and value of geospatial technology, especially within the context of climate and space. I have acted as a Teaching Fellow for Oxford MBA’s Smart Space Elective, discussing the unsettled nature of the geospatial analytics market, and I support the Taylor Geospatial Engine as an Industry Fellow.

More scalably, I share my industry knowledge and observations here!

Speaker. A regular speaker on the international geospatial circuit, I have also been lucky enough to talk about geospatial technology at bigger global events like COP 27.

North 51. I am a co-host of North America’s only geospatial thought leadership event. North51 is the only event for cutting-edge geospatial ideas, colliding innovation, strategy, and geography. Attracting senior industry leaders and learners, N51 has built a reputation for curated and relevant industry conversations - the right geospatial conversations at the right time.

Check out my LinkedIn to get an idea of what I’ve been up to. Also, you can read about Sparkgeo.

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